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Not So Traditional Cocktail Sauce

Our Traditional cocktail sauce originated decades ago watching a gentleman prepare a serving of

sauce at table-side. Thirty years of refinement and adjustments, have resulted in

the perfect balance of what we all expect from a cocktail sauce. A sauce that complements all of your

seafood dishes without overpowering their delicate flavors.

Searching for a bold more
 robust and versatile flavor from a cocktail sauce? 

Big Bayou's Lime and Cilantro with Jalapeno Cocktail Sauce is your answer.

A spicier touch to a very versatile sauce. Add it to your chicken, burgers or pork. 

What started on a Saturday morning tasked to make the Bloody Marys, and armed with a recipe,

no two Bloody Marys were alike. Challenged and eager to make Bloody Marys easier,

we set out to make the finest, most complete Bloody Mary Mix.

Now with three distinct Bloody Marys. Original, or with a smokey Bacon flavoring, followed by our Habanero.

Our Original Bloody Mary is a perfect balance of spiciness with a slightly sweet finish. 

Our Bacon Bloody Mary is a great flavoring addition to our Original. With a bit more

spiciness up front and a smokey bacon flavoring.

Our Habanero Bloody Mary carries some upfront spiciness and wonderful habanero flavor.

In multiple national and international contests, Big Bayou Original Bloody Mary

has won 3 gold medals and a single bronze medal.

Big Bayou Bloody Mary with Bacon flavoring has won a platinum medal,

and the Habanero has also won a gold medal.

With a whole family of medal winners - you can't go wrong.

The Best Damned Bloody Mary Ever!


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